Krabi Town was our next stop after Koh Tao. There are pristine beaches not far from Krabi Town, but seeing as we had just come from Koh Tao we decided to explore the city instead of the beaches.

We spent our first afternoon on a long tail wood riverboat. We visited caves, which were all very impressive (except for the one filled with bats), a fishing village and enjoyed the scenery.  The captain of the boat was fun, too. Every time we got back on the boat he would say, “Happy, happy! Smile, smile! Welcome to my boat!”

As the tide went down we were able to peak into the mangroves, as the roots became exposed. Along the shore small violinist crabs and walking fish popped up everywhere!

Dinner time in Krabi is quite the experience. The town is well known for its night market, a long line of food carts with hundreds of tables set up behind them. Naturally, I had to taste a few things… my favorites: a chicken kebab covered in a spicy peanut sauce and homemade fried rice loaded with shrimp and squid.

Our second and last day in Krabi we headed to the Tiger Temple Cave where a Temple is built on top of a mountain. There are only 1,237 steep steps to reach the top of the mountain. I felt like I was doing the stair master. The view from the top was incredible and worth every step!

The next morning we left Krabi for Koh Phi Phi. (You might be familiar with Koh Phi Phi if you’ve seen the movie “The Beach,” with Leonardo DiCaprio.)

Koh Phi Phi is by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, but it’s not one of my favorite places. It was overcrowded with tourists and the few streets that make up the town on the main island were lined with nothing more than loud bars and pizza joints.  As soon as I got away from town, I enjoyed the island a lot more. Crystal clear water that was about 80 degrees is hard to beat! We took a kayak out and went to two other bays that are only accessible by water – or if you hike through the jungle for a few hours!

Monkey Bay was quite the experience. As you might expect, monkeys were everywhere. They’re very cute, but a little scary.

I learned a few things at Monkey Bay:

1)   Don’t go near a baby monkey unless you want to be attacked by an adult.
2)   Don’t leave anything in your kayak or on the beach unlocked, monkeys steal. One stole our water bottle and proceeded to dumb it out from the tree.
3)   Monkeys really enjoy both Coke and Fanta.

After spending a while at Monkey Bay we continued onto Lohlanah Beach. Kayaking into the bay was incredible. The water was crystal clear and tropical fish surrounded us.  The bay is relaxed, clean, and filled with coconuts. One gentleman on the beach had a knife with and began cutting coconut for the few of us that were on the beach – fresh and tasty!

Two days in Koh Phi Phi was plenty, although I miss the beaches I don’t miss the crowds. Phuket was our next stop. Phuket is a big island and is beautiful to drive through, but again, it’s one of the most touristy places in Thailand. We stayed in Phuket Town a little longer than expected because I forgot that I shouldn’t drink tap water in Thailand and caught a bit of a bug. If you’re traveling here soon, save yourself the trouble and drink bottled water!

We took a night bus back to Bangkok last night, are here until Tuesday morning when we’ll head to Kanchanaburi, Thailand and cross into Myanmar (Burma) on Wednesday!