Madagascar has been on my radar for quite some time. I’ve wanted to stop since I sailed past the coast while living on the MV Explorer (Semester at Sea).

Once again through a series of events that didn't go as planned, I found myself booking plane tickets. Today is the day – it’s the beginning of a new adventure and time to check another one of my dream destinations off of my bucket list! Today, Vincent and I are taking off for Madagascar for a little over one month!

It’ll take us a little while to get there since we’re taking a bit of a roundabout route flying from: 

  • Nice to Paris
  • Paris to Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Abu Dhabi to Seychelles
  • Seychelles to Antananarivo, Madagascar

…but we'll be there by Wednesday morning! We have no real plans, but we have a list of ideas! I’m so excited discover the exotic landscapes, to watch the lemurs leap through the trees, to meet the Malagasy people and discover their culture!

I’m not sure how much wifi connection I’ll have access to while I’m in Madagascar. If I do have access I’ll be uploading stories and photos here on the blog and on my Instagram account. If I don’t have any access, I’ll be sharing lots of photos and stories when I’m back in Europe and then the States!

For those who don’t know much about Madagascar, here are a few of my favorite facts!

  • Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island and is located off of the southeast coast of Africa.
  • A large portion of the plants and animals on the island cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
  • Malagasy people are of African and Asian descent.
  • Madagascar gained independence from France in 1960.
  • The country boasts some of the world’s best vanilla.