It was 9 p.m. and I was waiting in line to board my plane from New York to Nice when a quiet voice behind me asked if I’d ever been to the South of France.  I told her I had and we began to chat for a few minutes. 

It was a simple question, but it made me think about the last two years. It was nearly two years ago that I took my first flight to Nice (and Europe in general). I remember arriving at the airport and seeing a sign that said sortie or exit and realizing how much I had to learn over the next few months.

Two years ago I never imagined I’d be returning to France now, but I’m taking advantage of all of the opportunities and doing my best to explore as much of the South as I can!

Gassin, a small village found on the top of a rock not far from Saint Tropez, is one of the most picturesque villages I’ve visited yet. I say that everytime I visit a small village in the South, but it’s true. Gassin offers a nice change of pace from the villages right next to the sea. Sunny terraces overlooking the gulf are ideal spots to enjoy a nice lunch on the weekends. The village is made up of dozens of colorful homes, old stonewalls, and front porches that are covered in vines weighed down by grapes.

One of my favorite things to do in the South of France is to drive around the narrow roads in the hills and mountains.  There is something different to see around every turn – spectacular views around some, people picking mushrooms around others, and vineyards around others. This is my first time in the South of France in October and I’m discovering that the vineyards are even more beautiful than they are the rest of the year as the leaves on the vines begin to change colors.