I’m job-hunting right now.  It’s time consuming, and at times extremely frustrating.  I’ve applied for more jobs than I can count.  I'm not kidding when I say I've sent in more than 200 applications. I didn't meet the qualifications for about 80% of them, but it's worth a shot! I know the right one is out there, I just have to get it.

I know I’m not the only twenty-something-year-old job-hunting, so this post goes out to those of you who are on the emotional rollercoaster with me. 

Don’t worry, we’ll find something (eventually), but in the meantime I think we need to update the dictionary’s definition of job-hunt.  

Dictionary.com defines job-hunt as the following:

Job-hunt [job-huhnt]
verb (used without object)

       1. To seek employment; look for a job.

Technically speaking the definition is spot on, however, if you ask me, the following definitions should be added.

       2.     Full-time job
       3.     An emotional roller coaster (hope, excitement, frustration, stress, doubt, fear,
             motivation, desperation, etc.)
       4.     An activity that teaches you what your greatest strengths and weaknesses are (since
             you have to write/talk about them in every interview).

Happy job-hunting, my friends!