At L’Herbe Folle lunch isn’t complete without a homemade dessert and me-oh-my are they good.  Raphaëlle seems to test my self-control (i.e. sweet tooth) on a daily basis.   My cooking and baking skills remain slightly questionable, but I’ve learned – well, watched – how to make a few of the desserts.  My tasting skills, on the other hand, have been put to good use!

Without further ado, I give you a sweet taste of happiness:

I didn't think I liked Creme Brûlée, then I tasted it here. It is life changing.


Warm homemade galette is like tasting a slice of heaven. (Galette: layers of pastry with an almond cream filling)

IMG_2360 IMG_2361

Île Flottante or Floating Island is a poached meringue that floats in crème anglaise (English cream). If I wouldn't get sick and didn't have a conscience, I think I could drink a few cups of crème anglaise. Adding a poached meringue to it makes it that much better, but it's not complete without caramel drizzled on top... which I forgot to add before I snapped this photo!  DSC04510

Mousse à la Framboise - Rasberry Mousse


Making Macaroons When Raphaëlle told me we were going to make macaroons, I might have started drooling. It's a slightly lengthy process, but I taste tested along the way. The almond flour needs to be ground up to a very fine consistency, mixed with egg whites, sugar and a few other ingredients until it becomes shiny. The "batter" is shaped into bite size pieces and then, you wait... for hours, until they are ready. My first attempt at making them (with help of course) wasn't the most successful... something happened to half of them, but they still tasted phenomenal! I told Raphaëlle we should make them with all of the workawayers, I'll be an expert by the end of my stay here if we do!

DSC04443 DSC04488

Vacherin Fraise: a homemade meringue in between two layers of strawberry ice cream topped with homemade whipped cream.


I've only covered about half of the desserts she has made. There have been a few chocolate cakes that are to die for, tiramisu, homemade caramel, apple crumble and more, but I'll give you a taste of those another time!